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At North Louisiana Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Clinic, we are dedicated to helping you regain and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. We understand that hard-to-lose, excess weight can keep you from doing what you love. That’s why Timothy “Daven” Spires Jr., M.D., and our practice partner with LeanMD, a medically supported diet plan for weight loss.

What Makes LeanMD Work?

LeanMD provides an effective, comfortable weight-loss journey that uses proven medical tools to help with appetite control and optimal metabolism. Under the supervision of Dr. Spires Jr., you’ll learn about yourself and what nutrition works best for your unique physiology. As a doctor-supervised program, LeanMD is safe and effective and may also improve conditions such as HTN, CAD, diabetes I and II, GERD, and more. Losing weight may also help reduce joint, back, and arthritis pain, improve mobility, and reduce the need for certain medications. 

Comprehensive Support – We provide you with nutritional and wellness expertise as well as encouragement to succeed. Your care team will include your LeanMD medical director, Dr. Spires Jr., as well as additional medical providers and trained LeanMD mentors who will guide you through each step of the program. We offer customized weekly progress support from your mentors to empower you to sustain your new eating and lifestyle habits for the long term. 

Tools and Training for Total Change – In addition to a full care team for support, LeanMD empowers you with knowledge and experience throughout the weight-loss process and uses evidence-based tools to affect real change. You’ll receive scientifically-based nutrition, fitness, and wellness principles that may help you overcome health issues, which may include prescribed appetite suppressants, if medically appropriate, as well as patented LeanMD dietary supplements that help cleanse the body, burn fat, and sustain optimal nutrition. All LeanMD supplements are formulated for your safety and fitness success. 

Customized Meal Planning System – After you are given a full health and body assessment to analyze your unique physiology, nutritional requirements, and wellness needs, we create a comprehensive, flexible diet plan tailored to you to help you lose weight efficiently. This way, you’ll see faster results, feel full, and experience more energy throughout each day. You’ll get access to easy-to-follow guides and recipes, shopping lists, and more to empower you to make real, flavorful meals and establish a lasting, healthful diet.

Three-Phase Process for Sustained Success – LeanMD has three phases: the weight-loss phase, the transition phase, and the sustainable weight phase. Our team continues to work with you through all phases of this program, so you can reach your goals and keep them. 

About Dr. Daven Spires Jr.

Dr. Daven Spires Jr. is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon with extensive experience focused on the treatment and evaluation of a variety of orthopaedic injuries and conditions. He has dedicated his practice to helping mend people to get them back to doing what they love, and he also works with his patients to effect lifestyle changes to promote health, wellness, and quality of life.

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